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exellent knife

Jim R - 31st May 2011

The assisted opener on this knife blows it out of the water. It opens with such ease. The aluminum handles are different but allow for a great fit in your hand. Functions easily. Great knife!

super tough, super practical

Harkamus - 13th January 2011

Just pasting my review from bladeforums. You can read the complete review with pictures at

* Aesthetics: The pictures below don't truly do this knife justice. From the blade grind to the textured machined aluminum handles, this piece is absolutely beautiful. I admit, I wasn't a fan of metal handles before this knife, but I'm sold. If done right, and Darrel definitely does it right, aluminum handles can do a lot for a knife, much like titanium. Some of you might be wondering why the handle material wasn't in fact titanium. For that you have to keep in mind that the HTM is DDR's middle range of knives, much like Swamp Rat is the middle range of the Busse kin family. That is not to say that the HTM line is short on workmanship. The knife exudes quality; you'd be hardpressed to find faults in the knife. Anyone that isn't familiar with DDR's knives would sooner think that the HTM GH2 is a custom piece. The HTM GH2 is very beautiful indeed.

I was surprised that Darrel added the Celtic cross as the pivot pin; most websites that sell the HTM GH2 showed pictures of the knife with a regular torx screw as the pivot. It may not seem like much, but the Celtic cross does add a little character to the knife.

* Build Quality: Fit and finish are excellent. The blade centers perfectly and everything lines up as it should. There are no tooling marks on the blade or handle. There really isn't a whole lot to say about build quality beside it being phenomenal, and that's because there is nothing wrong. On the other hand, if there were flaws, I could write a helluva lot more in this category.

* Materials: s30v blade steel, titanium liner lock, aircraft grade aluminum scales (6061 I believe), hardened steel pivot and pins...all combine for one stout folder. This knife does not feel the least bit flimsy.

* Blade: Very aesthetically pleasing bowie blade with a high flat grind. Up until this point, I have had no desire whatsoever to own a knife with a bowie style blade. Needless to say, this HTM GH2 has made me a convert, so much so that my next purchase will be a Spyderco Street Beat, which for those that are familiar with that knife, has a bowie blade designed by Fred Perrin. The grinds are perfect and the swedge really makes the blade look amazing. One neat touch in the grind is the tip. Darrel could have just taken the grind straight up, but instead finished at an angle formed by the swedge (not sure how to put this in words, but check the pics).

* Sharpness: I finally know what hair popping sharp really means. Right out of the box, I tried shaving arm hair and the strands literally popped up. This knife whittles hair. To say it cuts like a light saber is understatement.

* Clip: The clip is snug, but not impossible to overcome like on the Zero Tolerance knives for example. I would have preferred a different shape for the clip, but it's a minor gripe.

* Ergonomics: The knife fits my hand like a glove, and I have some large hands. You can also grip the knife by choking up on it behind the choil. Whether this was intentional, the choil that is, or not, I can't be sure, but it works for me.

* Lock: Very robust titanium liner lock, especially at .095 inch thickness. The knife is designed so that there is no finger relief on the opposing scale that many liner and framelocks have (to make it easier to disengage the lock). Personally, I really dislike knives that are designed with that finger relief. Darrel also holds this same design philosophy. Whereas my preference only stems from an aesthetic stand point, Darrel's standpoint comes from a functional one; linerlocks with the finger relief can have the lock disengage when torqued...not that I do any sort of twisting motion to embark torque. But hey, the strength is there should you need it because of the lack of the finger cut out.

* Thumbstud Opening: The knife is not designed for thumbstud opening, but it is possible. I actually found it pretty easy to open the knife using the thumbstuds, but it takes me a bit longer because I have to adjust my grip since the studs are so close to the handle; they don't touch the handle, but they come very close to touching. The studs are nice for when you want to be more discreet in opening the knife.

* Flipper Opening: This is where it's at. Very smooth and very fast opening considering the knife is non-assisted. No need to use any wrist motion to open the knife because the action is so smooth. With practice, I can open the knife as fast as I can open an assisted flipper. The design of the flipper not only looks nice (Darrel takes obvious cues from a gun hammer, hence the name of the knife), but is also functional. The "jimping" allows you to get some grip on the flipper to help when opening the knife.

When using the flipper, the knife opens with a nice satisfying clang. When you close it, there is a less audible click when the ball detent engages.

* Value per dollar: I have to mention what steel (

HTM GunHammer after 2 weeks

Tiger84 - 02nd January 2011

Bar none it is the finest EDC I have ever had. I have collected fine knives for 40 years. I own Spydercos, BM's, Striders, Hinderer Reeve's and many customs. I own over 500 fine knives. For me, this Gunhammer assist is a step above. You must put it in your hands to appreciate it. Ergonomics, weight, materials, blade steel and shape are perfect. Freeking great design and a must own for anyone who apppreciates a fine functional folder. I have been searching for the perfect folder for 40 years and this is a home run.

Until Now, I did not care for assisted oprners!

Stephen - 02nd January 2011

I stated that I did not care for assisted openers but that was before I used yours. It works so much smoother than any others I have tried. The knife is even better that the pictures I saw on the net, and I plan on showing it off a lot.

Thank you,
Stephen A Kurdilla

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