HTM DDR Madd Maxx 5.5
HTM DDR Madd Maxx 5.5
 HTM DDR Madd Maxx 5.5 

Our HTM version of a legendary Darrel Ralph design, the Madd Maxx 5.5 tactical folding knife is simply a handful of power in an easy to carry package. At the heart of this 100% USA Made tactical folder, is the Bayonet-inspired blade made of rugged, thick, durable CPMS30V stainless steel with a false edge on top. The Madd Maxx's unique blade is ready for military & police applications, as well as self defense minded carry for smart civilians. This tactical blade is available in either our extremely wear resistant DLC (Diamond-like coating) or an equally handsome non-glare finish, the choice is yours. This tactical titan's comfortable handle shape utilizes our thick & rigid 6AL4V aircraft grade titanium. For a non-slip grip & a bit of added style, we add technically advanced stylish, lightweight, 3D machined carbon fiber to the top side of the Madd Maxx's handle. The handle Blade Combo in the open position also sports an integral guard to keep your hand comfortable, safe & in proper position under all conditions, and grip styles. In the closed position the blade guard doubles as the flipper that opens the knife blade with that fast THUNK sound that we all want to here.

Our Madd Maxx features hardened wear parts for a lifetime of hard use service, and can be had in either the more traditional mega-quick manual-opening offering, or equipped with the HTM lightning quick SAO (Spring Assisted opening) depending upon your personal preference. It has been said that our SAO is faster than most switchblades to deploy. We have a Maxx configuration that is perfect for you that is ready for everything from daily utility tasks to weekend adventures and professional law enforcement officer "LEO" or military use, and is an excellent option for self defense carry in a powerful but easy-carrying package. Fill your pocket with a Maxx and see what everybody is talking about.

  Specifications -- HTM version of Darrel Ralph’s Madd Maxx folding knife   Designer Info
  •  Rigid - .140 - .150 thick 6al4v titanium frame.
  •  Bayonet style CPM S35VN blade steel - false edge on top..
  •  3D Machined Carbon fiber handle top side.
  •  Models come with assisted or manual opening.
  •  DLC or Non Glare finish available
  •  Hardened wear parts.

Darrel Ralph is one of the true geniuses in the modern knife industry. An accomplished custom knife maker whose work is among the most sought-after in history, he is also...

 More about Darrel here

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Very Well Rounded Knife

John H - 30th May 2011

This knife is a beauty. The carbon fiber inlays allow a great grip and feel in your hand. It opens like a charm one handed manually. The knife has a very clean and flat profile. Very tactical knife, i don't regret buying this at all!

Madd Maxx 5.5

Tiger 84 - 13th January 2011

Honestly when I ordered my Madd Maxx 5.5, I thought it would be a safe queen due to its size but man was I wrong. She is blacked out and a serious heavy duty tactical knife. What really makes this knife unique is how usable it is. All smooth edges and flat profile with deep carry clip allow a very comfortable and easy stowage and deployement from the pocket. When you activate this knife, people jump back and take notice. What amazes me most is the quality and detail of the manufacturing tollerances. This is not a look good safe queen but a comfortable EDC.
I just ordered a 5.5 Madd Max custom from Darrel with Damascus blade and ironwood inlay with fluting and can't wait to get it. Darrel was great to deal with. My other knives are slowly heading into storage and as I am so impressed with Darrels knives, they are becoming my EDC's. Soon I will have a DDR for every day of the week. Oh and still love my Gunhammer.

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